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What if My Client Wants to Cancel?

If your client wants to cancel:

1. Go to the job on your dashboard
2. Click on the job > click on 'View Details' > 'Cancel Job' > 'Customer wants to cancel' > Send Message

This will tell your client that they need to cancel because if you cancel, the system will let another cleaner claim the request.

If your client wants to reschedule, please do your best to accommodate the client. 

Client cancellations done when you are already in your client’s home or about to arrive can be charged as a lockout.  
1. Give them at least 3 calls with at least 10 minute-interval 
2. Wait at least 30 minutes past the job's start time
3. Upload a selfie photo in front of your cclient'shome. 
Then, click 'Client Lockout' which will charge the client & you will be paid $20.

Fortunately, most clients agree to continue the appointment especially if they know that you have already arrived or are arriving. 

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