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How Do I Keep My Profile In Good Standing?

Our goal is for you to do well on the platform, and we hope for a long and successful partnership. To ensure quality standards, we have three requirements to be an active Cleaning Professional in good standing. 

i. Cancellations

Cancellations upset clients and block available cleaners. You'll be automatically deactivated if: 

  • You cancel any of your first 3 jobs or
  • Your Keep Rate falls below 70%. Keep rate is the % of your last 20 claims that you did not cancel. 

ii. Customer Reviews

After every appointment, your client has the opportunity to leave you a review. 

  • There is a minimum average review rating in each city
  • We will alert you if your rating is dropping to the minimum, and work with you to help you improve your reviews. 

If your average rating still falls below the minimum after multiple notifications, you will be deactivated. You may appeal for reactivation if you can provide proof of the steps you have taken to improve, for example, by reaching you to your client to make things right. 

iii. Fraud and Safety

We will deactivate any account associated with fraudulent activity, including invoicing more hours than you worked. We will also deactivate any account if you take actions threatening the safety of Bubbly Cleaning clients or other Cleaning Professionals, including theft, drugs, or violence. 

Additionally, to protect everyone's safety & privacy, we provide secure Bubbly Cleaning numbers for everyone. Your number is used to claim requests, reschedule jobs, & defend difficult client disputes. Sending Bubbly Cleaning clients unrecognized phone numbers or attempting to book clients OFF the platform will also cost you pay by creating cancellations, lockouts, & unexpected refunds. To prevent this, using non-Bubbly Cleaning numbers will result in your account being deactivated.

iiii. Deactivation

Your account will be deactivated if you don't pass your background check. Every Bubbly Cleaning Cleaning Professional must pass their background check to be eligible for requests on our platform.

If your account has been deactivated, you can file an appeal through your dashboard. All appeals are reviewed by a member of Bubbly Cleaning's cleaner support team. We will notify you if your account is reactivated. 

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